About Us

Yadegar Production Group has three units of livestock, poultry, and aquatic feed factories, one poultry industrial slaughterhouse unit, one broiler chicken unit, one white and red meat cutting unit, several broiler breeding units and also has an exclusive transportation system. which has entered the field of production in this field since 2008 and established its goal and purpose in completing the food value chain from the very beginning; In this regard, it is known as the first and only chain of chicken meat production in North Khorasan province, and it has activities in North Khorasan and Razavi provinces. The red meat production chain has been established in the second stage and the dairy products production chain has been established in the next stages, and fortunately, it has succeeded in producing feed for all domestic animals in its group of feed factories.

Yadegar departments

Engineer Javad Yadgar
Chairman of the Board - Email: ceo@yadegar.co - Telephone: 05147239482

Behin Roshd Animal and Poultry Feed Factory Department

Engineer Meysam Yadegar
The manager of Behin Roshd factory - Email: factorymanager@yadegar.co - Telephone: 09152014068
Engineer Hadi Masoumi
CEO - Consultant for poultry matters - Email: headmanager@yadegar.co - Telephone: 09152014067

Department of industrial slaughterhouse of swallow poultry

Mr. Jalal Yadgar
Parastoo slaughterhouse manager - Email: jalalyadegar@yahoo.com - Telephone: 09155810965

Research and Development Unit Department

Dr. Mohammad Elahi
Director of Research and Development Department - Email: r.dmanager@yadegar.co - Telephone: 09155797303
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