Shirvan Parastoo industrial slaughterhouse

Yadgar Industrial Poultry Slaughterhouse located in Shirvan city
was established on a land area of 15,000 square meters and with a slaughter
capacity of at least 4,000 thousand pieces per hour. This slaughterhouse is
considered to be one of the most equipped industrial slaughterhouses in the
northeast of the country, and since the firm and honest determination of this
company is public satisfaction with its products, therefore, by using expert
and committed forces in the health control and monitoring departments and by
using the most modern and advanced machines The equipment in the slaughtering,
packaging and cold storage department and in cooperation with the veterinary
organization of the province, has been trying to keep the quality level high
and keep up with the standards and global markets and is always trying to
provide a healthy product with the desired quality.
Currently, the number of people working in this complex is about
130 people directly and 235 people indirectly. This slaughterhouse has the
ability to kill different types of poultry, including chicken, turkey and
quail, with full compliance with health and quarantine regulations.
Objectives of construction of Yadgar industrial poultry

Providing meat and delivering it and other food items to the
people in a completely hygienic and high-quality manner in accordance with the
standards of Islamic Sharia.
Construction of the chicken meat production chain from rearing to
packaging and delivery according to the standards and goals of Yadgar company.
Creating an industrial complex that includes the missing links in
the growth of the country’s livestock farms and helping the country’s livestock
Job creation and entrepreneurship through the creation of private
industries. It should be mentioned that Yadgar industrial poultry slaughterhouse
has created employment for about 130 people directly and 235 people indirectly.
Establishing stability in the poultry meat production market and expanding
related industries. Converting wastes of blood, fat, etc. into consumable
products in the poultry industry and reducing environmental pollution.

Different parts of Yadgar industrial poultry slaughterhouse

In general, the main parts of the industrial poultry
slaughterhouse include the complete slaughterhouse line, packaging and cutting,
cold storage, waste conversion factory (production of blood, feather and bone
powder) and wastewater treatment. The complete line of the slaughterhouse alone
includes several units, including live chicken reception platform, reception
hall, slaughter line, stomach emptying unit, chicken washing unit, water
chiller, drip water line, packaging and segmentation unit, freezing unit and
finally storage unit. It is in the refrigerator.


Yadgar industrial poultry slaughterhouse products and services

Currently, Yadgar Industrial Poultry Slaughterhouse is able to
offer about 50 products, which include cut chicken products, processed chicken
products and chicken contamination products, which we will mention all these
products below.
Sliced chicken products:
Chicken breast with skin
Skinless chicken breast
Shredded chicken in a bag with skin
Shredded chicken in a bag without skin
Schnitzel without earrings
Fantasy schnitzel
Fancy schnitzel without fillet
Schnitzel steak
Roast chicken with simple bone
Simple boneless roast chicken
Skinless chicken thighs
Small chicken thighs
Medium chicken thigh
Big chicken thighs

Chicken thighs with skin
Skinless chicken thighs
Back of thigh with skin
Back of thigh without skin
Plain chicken fillet
chicken wing
Grilled chicken wings
chicken arm
Minced chicken meat
chicken neck
Processed chicken products:
Grilled chicken with saffron bone
Saffron Boneless Grilled Chicken
Vegetable Boneless Grilled Chicken
Sour boneless barbecue chicken

Fesanjani Boneless Grilled Chicken
Mexican Boneless Grilled Chicken
Smoked Boneless Grilled Chicken
Lemon Boneless Grilled Chicken
Saffron chicken fillet
Thigh without saffron skin
Thigh with saffron skin
Saffron chicken wings
Vegetable chicken wings
Fasanjani chicken wings
Smoked chicken wings
Mexican chicken wings
Saffron chicken arm
Vegetable chicken arm
Fasanjani chicken arm
Smoked chicken arm
Mexican chicken arm

Chicken pollution:
chicken heart
chicken liver
chicken gizzard
Packaged chicken feet
Address: North Khorasan. Shirvan city. Golyan Road In front of
Tenswan village
Telefax: 058 36358206 Mobile: 0915 581 0965 – 0915 586 6301 

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