Behin Roshd Gouchan Poultry Feed Factory

Yadgar production group has units of animal feed factory – poultry feed factory – slaughterhouse unit and several broiler breeding units and has entered the field of production since 2008. In this regard, the physical structure of the group as the first chain of chicken meat production in North Khorasan Province has been approved by the honorable Ministry of Jihad Agriculture on 20/07/2014. The production chain of red meat and dairy products has been established in the next stages of Yadgar Holding.
Yadgar production group started its activity in 2008 with the construction of Behin Roshd Asak livestock and poultry feed factory or Yadgar brand with the aim of producing ready-made feed for livestock and poultry in the form of mesh and pellets, and with the capacity of producing 22,500 tons per year, it has reached The field of production in the livestock and poultry industry and in 2013 succeeded in increasing the capacity to 33,500 tons per year. This factory is equipped with systematic technology and the latest automatic production methods in order to achieve the highest accuracy in measuring materials and weighing them and refining critical points to increase the percentage of uniformity of materials and products in the process. Production is established.
In 2015, in order to become more specialized in the production of products, this group succeeded in building a specialized poultry feed factory with a capacity of 60,000 tons per year under the name of Behin Roshd Gouchan Company and the Behin Roshd Asak animal feed factory with a focus on improving quality day by day, Animal feed continued its activity.
It should be noted that this group is now about to put into operation the production unit of supplements, livestock and poultry concentrates, as well as the production unit of aquatic and pet food.

Values and goals of Yadgar Animal Feed Factory

Yadgar Group’s products have a much higher production quality and better nutritional value than other similar products, considering that they are closely monitored from the farm to the table.
Being up-to-date and using current knowledge in all production processes, using an expert and experienced team in the production process from beginning to end, and receiving a knowledge-based company certificate for the livestock and poultry feed factory and other production complexes of Yadgar Holding are other values. and special parameters of this group.
The production of knowledge-based and health-oriented products by obtaining the health certificate in the field of the final product and the export of the final products of Yadgar Holding to the countries of the region are part of the goals and prospects of Yadgar Animal Feed Factory and Holding.

Quality control unit

One of the basic and standard infrastructures of any factory is to have a quality control unit. The quality control unit of Yadgar animal feed factory has a chemical and microbiological laboratory, which, in addition to employing experienced and trained experts, is equipped with the most modern chemical and microbiological analysis devices, and all equipment is periodically checked by the partner laboratory. The calibration standard is carried out.
In the chemical analysis department of Yadgar animal feed factory, it is able to measure moisture, protein, crude fiber, crude fat, TVN, ADF, NDF, urea, calcium, ash, phosphorus, salt, ash insoluble in acid, fatty acid peroxide, etc. We are. And in the microbial analysis department of Yadgar Animal Feed Factory, we are also able to count mold and yeast, salmonella and Escherichia coli.
Yadgar poultry feed factory address
Behin Roshd Gouchan
Address: Quchan. Industrial town number 2
Phone: 051-47239482
Fax number: 051-47239483
PO Box: 94715179
Mobile: 09152014068

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